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Image of Tom DoughtyTom Doughty – Slide Guitar

Tom first started playing the guitar when he was a child. Apart from being shown a few chords by his elder brother, Tom was self taught. He initially, learnt his craft through interpreting what he heard on records and later through watching other guitar players. As an early teenager, Tom had become an accomplished finger style guitarist and recalls playing the Davey Graham tune ‘Angie’ at a school concert. He was, and still is avid listener and admirer of other musicians. Early influences included Renbourn and Jansch, Martin Carthy, Nic Jones, Big Bill Broonzy and Led Zeppelin.

In a road traffic accident in 1974, Tom permanently became a disabled person. His impairment also affected his fingers and prevented him from playing music. He recalls the frustration of creating music in his head but not being able to hear it in the air. With the tenacity and creativity of a new explorer, finding ways to work around his limits of hand movement, Tom has discovered how to return to being a musician. He has developed absolutely new and unique techniques for playing slide guitar, with a sensitive touch and full of feeling.

In 2003, Tom released his first album ‘The Bell’ to critical acclaim, 2006 saw his second CD ‘Running Free’ and by late 2008, ‘Have a Taste of This’ was released to major interest at home and abroad. All of Tom’s records have been featured on National and local radio in the U.K. and abroad. His albums are refreshingly different and both his song writing and composing skills are respected and enjoyed by audiences and listeners alike.

Defining Tom as a Blues performer is too small to convey the depth and variety of his music. Partly because of his physical challenges, he is taking the acoustic slide guitar to another level and finding fantastic new sounds and techniques that until now he remained silent. Tom is like the Django Reinhardt of Slide Guitar.

For music and more information click here to view Tom Doughty’s website.