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Tim Carey – Piano

Tim Carey joins us this year as one of the five musicians who make up the London Tango Quintet. Tim, who lives in Chelmsford, England, enjoys a career full of variety, as solo performer, chamber-music player, orchestral keyboard player and teacher. His early studies were with Harold Parker, Louis Kentner, and then, at the Royal College of Music, London, with Kendall Taylor, David Parkhouse, and Bernard Roberts. He was awarded many prizes and scholarships during his time there, both in and outside college.

He now spends his time partnering many different instrumentalists, especially flautists, in a large variety of chamber-music combinations, as well as giving the occasional solo recital or concerto performance. He is the regular pianist for the Flutewise series, and many other flute events in England, America and elsewhere. As orchestral keyboard player he has worked in the past with the London Symphony Orchestra, the Bournemouth Orchestras, the Philharmonia and currently with the Ulster Orchestra in Northern Ireland. He has recently formed a professional orchestra in Chelmsford. He is much in demand as a teacher throughout his home county of Essex.

Piano playing has taken Mr. Carey all over Britain and Europe, as well as Israel, Malta, Russia, Scandinavia, Australia, Japan and regularly to the U.S.A, where he has become the pianist for the “Wildacres” flute course in North Carolina, the Cincinatti flute symposium as well as several other flute events. He is also one of the pianists for the British Flute society biennial conventions.

When not actively involved in musical pursuits, Tim still finds time for his other interests which include languages, collecting and restoring cars, flying, and spending time with his large family.

To quote Tim’s Facebook page: What’s so special about Tim? Well, let’s see. He’s a fantastic pianist, he can follow anybody – skip a beat and he sticks to you like flypaper, he’s sensitive, he has a wicked sense of humor, he can sight read anything, he is the life of the party. Who could ask for anything more?

Take a look here for more about this “International Flautist’s Pianist”