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Ditchley Park

The Great Hall, Ditchley Park

Ditchley’s unique quality is derived from the beauty and relaxed atmosphere of Ditchley Park in Oxfordshire, one of southern England’s finest country houses, and from the warmth and informality of its gatherings.  A complex world needs fresh ideas flowing from open minds:  this is Ditchley’s hallmark.

Winston Churchill
The mansion at Ditchley was built by the second Earl of Litchfield, a member of the Lee family, in 1722, to a design by James Gibbs.  It stands on the site of an earlier timber-framed family house in classic north Oxfordshire wooded farmland, once the royal hunting ground of Wychwood Forest.

Ditchley Lake

For a wealth of information about this beautiful venue, look here: www.ditchley.co.uk

Directions can be found here: Directions to Ditchley Park