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From our Patron, Lord Chadlington

I love this festival because it celebrates an English summer at its height with relaxed musical enjoyment in some of the most beautiful venues in Oxfordshire. There is something for every taste and every age.

If you like singing along with favourites from the musical shows, or the excitement of incredible virtuosity or more meditative music, in the quiet of a country church, there is something for you on this long weekend. If you want to entertain your children or grandchildren – or you think them particularly gifted – then this festival is their stage. Or if you just want to be together after an exhausting week – then the Dean & Chadlington Summer Music Festival is for you.

To me, music is what makes us cultured, makes us different and washes away the stress of an over competitive society driven by “Blackberries”, e-mails and mobile phones. It provides precious moments when – without the interruption of the immediate – we can each reflect on what really matters to us individually and to our extended families. Music puts our lives back into perspective.

But the Festival does even more: it builds and reinforces our local community. Our love of music unites us one to another. By sharing a common musical experience we become more sensitive to the needs of each other in our everyday lives.

So, join me in thanking all those who, every year, so selflessly make our Festival dreams a reality – the organisers, the artists, the hosts and sponsors. Also, please do tell us what you think – where we succeed and where we fail. To make a real, lasting difference we have to adapt the programme to meet your needs and musical tastes.

Without an audience which truly shares these musical experiences, all these wonderful spiritual and cultural benefits do not flow and are lost for ever.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for coming – and have a wonderful weekend.

Peter Chadlington