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Dean & Chadlington Summer Music Festival

The Dean & Chadlington Summer Music Festival

The Festival was created in 2007 by a small team including Craig Ogden, Claire Bradshaw, Richard Coxon, Lord Chadlington and Adrian Tremlett. 


Our charitable objectives are: To promote and advance the education of the public generally in the study and practice of the arts of music, poetry, acting, literature and similar arts in all their branches and the cultivation of public appreciation of those arts in particular by means of presenting an annual music festival.


Since its inception the Festival has brought exceptional music to this part of the Cotswolds.  Venues have included Ditchley Park, Chadlington Church, Merriscourt and the Chipping Norton Theatre.

We recieve no public funding.  Our revenues come entirely from ticket sales, our Friends, and through the genorosity of our patrons and donors.

In August 2023 the St. Kenelm's Concerts became part of the Dean & Chadlington Summer Music Festival.

Artistic Directors

Claire Bradshaw (Festival)
Richard Coxon (Festival)
Craig Ogden (Festival)
Philippa Ibbotson (St.Kenelm Concerts)


Stuart Bissett – Marketing & Logistics
Leyton Brown – Print & Design
Clare Martin – Ticketing & Website
Andrew Otterburn - Finance & Website


Adrian Tremlett
Christopher Stockwell
David Edwards


Will Hone
Philip Hoy
Penny Silva
Rosy Nixon
Ashley Rogers
Brian Pennington


Nicola Coldstream
Charles Powell

Christopher Stockwell
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